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Welcome to Coastal Float


A sensory experience awaits in our state of the art floatation pods and wellness centre.

In this fast moving new millennium, it is especially important to keep in touch with our bodies and to care for our health. Many people spend holidays running around more hectically than in their everyday life. That is why at Coastal Float we want you to focus on your wellbeing in an oasis of rest, replenishment and rejuvenation.


Coastal Float is bringing sensory deprivation

tanks aka floatation pods to historic coastal

town Kiama on the South Coast of NSW.

There is no need to travel for hours experience

the amazing benefits of floatation therapy.

Discover a whole new world of relaxation

and find yourself feeling better than ever.


Floatation therapy works with sensory

deprivation to allow the deepest relaxation

possible. Allow your body, senses and mind

to rest and your body to become buoyant in

a spacious warm magnesium-rich private pool.

We want you to focus on your wellbeing in an

oasis of rest, replenishment and rejuvenation.


Enjoy our unique full-spectrum infrared

sauna with chromotherapy, within your

own private suite. Choose from a range

of programs that support specific outcomes

with targeted blends of life- enhancing and

deeply nourishing infrared heat.The Infrared

Sauna provides pain relief, detoxification,

skin health, cardio health and relaxation.

Session Rates


See our affordable membership and casual rates below.

  • Float Sessions

    Single Float | $82


    3 Floats | $210 (Valid for 6mths)


    5 Floats | $325 (Valid for 12 mths)


    10 Floats | $595 (Valid for 12mths)


    *Shareable between two people


    60 minute floats


  • 3 Float Special

    Introductory special only


    3 Floats | $159 (Valid for 2mths)




    60 minute float



    *Offer ends 31/01/19

  • Sauna Sessions

    Casual | $45


    5 Sessions | $200 (Valid for 3mths)


    10 Sessions | $350 (Valid for 6mths)


    20 Sessions | $600 (Valid for 12mths)


    Additional shower – Add $10


    45 minute sessions


  • Foundation Member

    Membership  | $60 per mth


    FREE 45 min Infrared Sauna Sessions


    x1 60min Float per mth


    Add floats at a discounted $55


    Rollover unused floats


    T&Cs apply


find us

Coming soon to Shop 8 of 65 Manning Street, Kiama, NSW 2533

Parking available

opening hours

Tues/Wed by appointment only.

join our float community