Frequently Asked Questions

What is Floating (Float Therapy)?

Floatation therapy is a powerful, sensory-deprivation experience where your body is partially-submerged in water that is heated to your body’s natural temperature. This revolutionary treatment has been around for over 60 years and has scientifically-proven benefits to help ease stress and physical pain. The water is saturated with Epsom salt to ensure that you remain floating at all times. The tank works by leaving all sensory distractions outside and as the minutes drift by, your body and mind will gradually be stripped of stimuli; allowing you to float in to a deep state of complete peace and relaxation. It doesn’t get much better than that!



What if I’m Claustrophobic?

The Floatation pods at Coastal Float are extremely spacious, infact they are one of the largest on the market, some say they are as spacious as a Queen size bed, even people with extreme claustrophobia have reported having no problem with their time in our pods.



What is the difference between a float pod & a float room?

The pod and the room, essentially, provide the same floatation experience. They are both designed to float your body in roughly ten inches of skin temperature, heavily salinated (Epsom salt) water. They are simply shaped differently.



What benefits does floating or float therapy have on the body?

Floatation therapy is growing in popularity.

Whether you’re looking into floatation for simple rest, recovery or to improve overall health, there’s something for everyone. Below are just some of the physical, mental and emotional benefits to this type of therapy:


Improves the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.
Relief from joint and muscle tension
Relief from arthritis and Chronic Pain
Relief for insomnia sufferers
A boost in your mood ‘happy hormones’, dopamine and endorphins.
Increased concentration – the brain starts producing theta waves, associated with increased creativity and learning.
Improved athletic performance and much faster recovery time after an injury.
Aids in lifting feelings of depression and anxiety.
The magnesium in the Epsom salt improves the appearance of your skin
May assist in combatting addictions.
Boosts immunity by lowering cortisol levels in the body.
Reduction in stress and anxiety.
Increased circulation.
Reduced fatigue and promotion of healthy sleep patterns.
Alleviation of physical pain by providing a zero-gravity ‘weightlessness’ that removes the pressure from joints.
Promotion of deeper thinking and creativity.





What if I can’t swim, can I drown?

No. The volume of Epsom salt in the water will keep you perfectly buoyant.


Is my float session Private?

Yes completely. You will have your own dedicated state of the art personalised suite.



How is the water in the float tank or float pod cleaned?

The water is run through a filtration system between each float session and the water itself, being a solution of salt means it’s naturally going to be uninhabitable to bacteria and microbes. To put this in to perspective, the water in our tanks is more sterile than drinking water!



How often do you clean the floatation pods?

The pods are kept extremely clean. They are washed with a solution of hot water, vinegar and alcohol wipes each and every day.



What do I bring to my float session?

If you wear contact lenses, a container to put these in while you are floating. You can bring along a comb or brush for after and we ask that you bring no expectations and an open mind.



How long should I allow for my float appointment?

Please allow 90minutes each float session.



How often should I float?

Floating regularly is particularly beneficial as the effects are cumulative. The price point of our memberships are beneficial for this.



Will my skin wrinkle like it does in the bathtub?

No. The epsom salt in the water is a natural skin emollient. Your skin will feel silky smooth.


Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Yes! Floatation is hugely popular among pregnant women for relieving tired joints and in providing some much-needed tranquillity. It provides those aching joints some much-needed weightlessness experienced within the tank. This is also a wonderful way of spending some valuable time alone (with bub) in your third trimester you may even hear bubs heart beat and it allows you bonding time with bub.
Floating will allow you to calm and focus your emotions before the big arrival. It is also beneficial for ailments of swelling, hypertension, Braxton hicks, insomnia, leg cramps & stress. There is nothing to be inherently concerned about through any stage of your pregnancy. As with all medical conditions, please seek some guidance from your GP before booking in if you have any concerns.



Can I float while Menstruating?

Yes, just follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.



Can more than one person float in a pod at the same time?

Only one person per pod can float. We have 4 pods at our facility, so you can bring up to 3 other people.



Do I need to book ahead of time?

We recommend booking in advance but we will try and accommodate walk in or last minute appointments according to availability.




What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your service, please do so as soon as possible. Cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment for a float, massage or infrared sauna service will incur 50% charge of the full priced fee.
Cancellations can be made anytime day and night through direct message, email or leaving a voicemail.
Cancelling or just not showing up for a scheduled appointment with less than 24hours notice will incur a 50% fee of the service charge or potential loss of a credit. We hope you can understand.




Do I have to stay in the float pod the whole time?

No, you are in complete control of your environment. You can get out at anytime. That said the 60 minutes usually goes by way faster than you’d expect. We do have some clients ask to float longer.



Who invented floating or sensory deprivation therapy?

John C Lily, it was first developed in 1954. The first lay down commercial tanks were invented in the early 1970’s. They have come along way since then. There is tons of published research on floating promoting its benefits and backing it up.

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