About your Sauna



Coastal Float is not just a floatation pod service we offer state of the art private saunas for you to sit back, relax and sweat out those toxins. Sauna “bathing” is a form of passive heat therapy which originates from Finland and is mostly associated with Nordic countries. A sauna is perfect before your float session to enhance the outcomes of your visit.


What makes our Saunas different?


The Sunlighten 3-in-1™ Infrared Sauna has Solocarbon™ infrared heating technology that features near, mid and far infrared wavelengths. These multi wave lengths all target different areas and promote different benefits. The far-infrared is for detoxification, blood pressure and cholesterol reduction and relaxation. The mid-infrared is for weight-loss, pain relief & improved circulation and finally the near-infrared predominant wavelength for cell health, complexion, wound healing & skin purification.

Who benefits the most from Sauna Sessions?


Great for everyone, but especially good for fitness-focused individuals or people with sore, tight muscles. Regular sauna use will see improved circulation, tight muscles will loosen and stimulated the lymphatic flow.


Are Saunas really that good for you?


Things certainly are hotting up in the area of sauna research. Previously, claims of possible health benefits were rarely backed up by medical evidence. However, recent studies have proved that regular sauna sessions can be extremely good for your health – alleviating and preventing the risk of common acute and chronic conditions. The latest research involved recording the habits and health of 1,621 men over 22 years. Having regular saunas (four to seven times a week) was shown to slash the risk of high blood pressure by almost 50%.


What if it gets too hot?


You can trust that our clinical-grade sauna is gentle, comfortable and offers a therapeutic experience to all that finish a 45 minute session. That’s not mentioning the deep relaxation you will feel with the dimmable lighting, CD/DVD player for your entertainment – your session is your own and customisable to your comfort levels. After your first sweat session we are quite confident that you will be hooked.


How do I book?


We thought you would never ask, you can book here.