Too many distractions in your day? When was the last time you really unplugged from the daily stresses of life; switched off and treated your mind and body to an hour of complete relaxation?

Floating is one of the most effective ways in which you can disconnect and allow your mind and body to experience a sense of inner peace and weightlessness unlike anything else!


What is Floatation?


Floatation therapy is a powerful, sensory-deprivation experience where your body is partially-submerged in water that is heated to your body’s natural temperature. This revolutionary treatment has been around for over 60 years and has scientifically-proven benefits to help ease stress and physical pain. The water is saturated with Epsom salt to ensure that you remain floating at all times. The tank works by leaving all sensory distractions outside and as the minutes drift by, your body and mind will gradually be stripped of stimuli; allowing you to float into a deep state of complete peace and relaxation. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Why Float?


Floatation is growing in popularity. Whether you’re looking in to floatation for simple rest, recovery or to improve overall health, there’s something for everyone. Below are just some of the physical, mental and emotional benefits to this type of therapy:

  • Improves the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.
  • Relief from joint and muscle tension.
  • A boost in ‘happy hormones’, dopamine and endorphins.
  • Increased concentration – the brain starts producing theta waves, associated with increased creativity and learning.
  • Improved athletic performance and much faster recovery time after an injury.
  • Aids in lifting feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • The magnesium in the Epsom salt improves the appearance of your skin
  • A boost in your mood.
  • Can assist in combatting addictions.
  • Boosts immunity by lowering cortisol levels in the body.
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety.
  • Increased circulation.
  • Reduced fatigue and promotion of healthy sleep patterns.
  • Alleviation of physical pain by providing a zero-gravity ‘weightlessness’ that removes the pressure from joints.
  • Promotion of deeper thinking and creativity.
  • Treats depression



How hygienic are these Floatation Tanks?


The pods are kept extremely clean. The water is run through a filtration system between each float session and the water itself, being a solution of salt means it’s naturally going to be uninhabitable to bacteria and microbes. To put this in to perspective, the water in our tanks is more sterile than drinking water!


Can I afford this?


For the health benefits to be gained, we think you can’t afford not to embrace this unique and non-invasive form of therapy. However, we understand that Floatation has been known to come at a cost which is why we have developed an introductory special for our clients. Try it out at a minimal risk with our 3 Float Special. Only pay $199 for 3, 60-minute floats. You can see what all the fuss is about.

Our recommendation for any first time floater is to float 2-3 times within a few week period. During the first float you may spend the better part of it getting used to the new environment but after you get comfortable that’s when you can achieve a deep relaxed state. Sometimes it takes a float or two to get there; but the more times you float in a short period of time, say one month, the more comfortable you’ll get. With that being said people can feel great after their very first float. You don’t have to wait to receive the benefits of floating. 


I am claustrophobic. Am I locked in for the whole session?


No. The door is never locked and at any time in the experience, you are welcome to have a break. However, you’ll be surprised at how spacious the tanks are once you’re inside and how quickly the time passes. Clinically-diagnosed claustrophobics have never reported any adverse side-effects. Most people find that the 60 minutes flies by. 


What shall I bring?


Just bring yourself we will provide everything you need, you can bring your swimmers if you like and we’ll provide the rest! (Note : most people float without anything on to maximise contact with the water)

No, you do not need to wear bathers as you will be floating in complete privacy, much as you would if you had a bath in your own home! We don’t recommend wearing bathers or underwear as these can be uncomfortable and apply pressure to your skin which is detrimental to the tank concept of limiting your sensory distractions.  However, if you are concerned then you could bring along old bathers or old underwear to use. (floatroom.com.au)


Can I use this therapy when pregnant?


Yes! Floatation is hugely popular among pregnant women for relieving tired joints and in providing some much-needing tranquillity. It provides those aching joints some much-needed weightlessness experienced within the tank. This is also a wonderful way of spending some valuable time alone (with bub) to calm and focus your emotions before the big arrival. As with all medical conditions, please seek some guidance from your GP before booking in.


Can I drown if I fall asleep in the tank?


No. The volume of Epsom salt in the water will keep you perfectly buoyant.


Anything else I should or should not do?


Because of the PH of the water, we recommend not shaving/waxing up to a day before your float.

It is also recommended not to eat up to 2 hours before your appointment and avoiding caffeinated drinks on the day.


Don’t Float straight after having hair coloured or chemically straightened – Generally we recommend waiting at least 1 week after having your hair coloured to avoid the salty tank environment causing your colour to fade prematurely. 
We love coloured hair – it looks great! Just not so great when it’s in the water inside our Floatation Tanks… In fact, you MUST NOT FLOAT with hair colour that is still washing out when you have a shower. It is a very expensive exercise to clean up the tank and the water inside it if hair colour leaches into the Floatation Tank! If you choose to float with coloured hair, you are responsible for any extra costs associated with cleaning or repairing damage, so it is best avoided! 

Epsom salt is a great hair volumizer and has NO effect on hair colors or dyes. However, floating is not recommended within 1 week of new hair coloring or treatment.


Do you have your own private suite?


Yes, you have your own private pod suite equipped with your own personal shower, which you’ll use before and after your float. For this reason, most people do not wear a swimming costume as this presses against the body and takes away from the experience.


Will my skin wrinkle like it does in the bathtub?


No. The epsom salt in the water is a natural skin emollient. Your skin will feel silky smooth.