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Coastal Float was created out of a desire to improve physical and mental health after an injury changed and affected the quality of our own life, what grew from years of research and planning is the Coastal Float you see today.


It is especially important to keep in touch with our bodies and to care for our mental health, Our mission is to assist people in their quest for better mental and physical health, whilst improving current levels of health during life challenges or an injury.

Floatation Therapy is a way to achieve a deep state of relaxation, relieve tension and allows the body to heal through absorption of magnesium and time spent in a weightlessness environment.


At Coastal Float we want you to focus on your wellbeing in an oasis of rest, replenishment and rejuvenation. Discover a whole new world of relaxation and find yourself feeling better than ever.

Floatation Therapy


Floatation therapy works with sensory deprivation to allow the deepest relaxation possible. Allow your body, senses and mind to rest and your body to become buoyant in a spacious warm magnesium-rich private pool. We want you to focus on your wellbeing in an oasis of rest, replenishment and rejuvenation.

infrared sauna

Coastal Float

Enjoy a unique full-spectrum infrared sauna with chromotherapy, within your own private suite. Choose from a range of programs that support specific outcomes with targeted blends of life-enhancing and deeply nourishing infrared heat. The Infrared Sauna provides pain relief, detoxification, skin health, cardio health & relaxation.


Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic & Remedial massage is available for those looking for relief from muscle tension, spasms and pain brought on by the stress of busy lifestyles, training & computer use. Our Massage Therapists will work with you to provide a tailored treatment addressing the cause of the issue. Problem areas will be targeted using a range of soft tissue techniques to achieve the best results for you.