Complaints & Feedback

NDIS Complaints and Feedback 

Coastal Float Health & Wellness is committed to providing effective complaints management by delivering transparent, effective and efficient feedback and complaint handling management system. Coastal Float Health & Wellness recognises that having effective feedback and complaint handling management system provides the opportunity to deliver a higher level of service to its clients.

Our complaints management system is based on the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice and complies with the requirements under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018.

These Rules require that Coastal Float Health & Wellness implements and maintains a Complaint Management and Resolution System, which is accessible, fair and responsive.

The complaint process will be easy to use, transparent and accessible and includes:  

  • any person could make a complaint, including anonymously lodging a complaint about supports or services provided.
  • complaints should be dealt with directly and quickly at the point of service, unless the complaint requires further investigation.
  • the outcome of the complaint will be provided in writing for complaints of a more significant nature.
  • enable people with a disability who are using Coastal Float Health & Wellness services to know how to make a complaint to the service provider and to the NDIS Commission as required.
  • the centre manager is the designated complaints manager, who’s responsible for:  
  • coordinating the handling of complaints and ensuring the complaint is properly managed. 
  • ensure appropriate support and assistance is provided to any person who wishes to make or has made a complaint.
  • remind people that it’s okay to have support when making a complaint and offering support can increase their confidence and reduce anxiety.
  • asking if the complainant needs support from staff, family of an advocacy service during the complaints handling process.

Complaints are: 

  • acknowledged, assessed and resolved in a fair, efficient and timely manner most complaints will be dealt with within 24 hours of receipt,
  • appropriately actioned in relation to issues raised in complaints,
  • actioned for reasonable steps to ensure any person who makes a complaint,
  • any affected person is advised how to make a complaint to a larger consumer body such as: the NDIS Commission or consumer affairs, and that the appropriate information or assistance is provided to contact the overseeing body to the complaint.


A review process is available to issues raised in complaints and identify and address systemic issues and actions identified through the complaints process. The process of review is the responsibility of the Director.

Records will be kept for 7 years from the date the record was made. This requirement ensures all persons are aware of their rights and can advocate for their needs and safety where appropriate.

Referring complaints

The complaints management and resolution system must ensure that complaints are referred or notified to any other regulatory bodies if required by law such as:

  • Police
  • Worksafe NSW
  • NSW Health
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • Department of Fair Trading NSW


A complaint can be made by the client or someone acting on the client’s behalf providing they have the patients explicit consent to do so. This can be done verbally or by writing an email or sending a registered letter. Ideally, send your complaint in writing within a 3-month period of the event where you may believe you have grounds to complain.


Information provided in a complaint is kept confidential and only disclosed if required by law or if the disclosure is otherwise appropriate in the circumstances The participant will not be adversely affected and will be offered to:

• Continue treatment with the current provider as per the service agreement

• Suspend treatment until the complaint has been resolved to the satisfaction of the participant

 • Terminate treatment with the current provider and be supplied with information on nearby providers providing similar care

• All complaints will be acknowledged in writing via formal email unless anonymous in nature

• NDIS participants will be kept appropriately involved in the resolution process

• Participants will be informed of the progress of the complaint, including any action taken, the reasons for any decisions made and options for review of decisions; and

  • The first stage is local resolution whereby your complaint would take the form of a verbal or written submission to the clinician who treated you. Local resolution exists to help resolve complaints quickly where a more formal complaint may not be required. For example, the complaint may be the result of a simple misunderstanding where verbal explanation and if necessary, an apology could resolve the complaint 
  • If the local resolution process is not successful, then you can make a more formal complaint. You will need to put your complaint formally in writing (either letter/post or email) and send your complaint to: 

• By email: and put ‘Notification of Complaint’ in the subject field 

 • We will aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible

• All complaints will be handled professionally, thoroughly and transparently with fairness shown to all parties concerned

 • A full investigation will be conducted to provide the required honest outcome 

• The complaints system is reviewed and audited yearly to ensure that the system is effective, robust and that positive outcomes are achieved for participants.

• A copy of the complaint registers and associated follow up actions are available on request by the participant. This will identify areas for change within Coastal Float Health & Wellness and actions and processes put in place to ensure that a complaint of this nature does not reoccur.


Upon receipt of a formal complaint in writing, you will receive an acknowledgement within two working days. You will receive a full response from the Director of the Coastal Float Health & Wellness within 21 days. If for any reason we are not able to meet the timescales we will keep you informed of progress.


At any time, people can make a complaint about NDIS service providers or the support they provide to the NDIS Commission. Complaints to the NDIS Commission can be lodged:

• online at

• by phone on: 1800 035 544

Alternatively, complaints may be raised to:

 The Health Complaints Commission:

The NSW Ombudsman


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